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An evaluation of the use of Group Play Therapy in school with boys aged seven to nine showing signs or behaviours associated with anxiety.

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of Group Play Therapy as an intervention for boys aged between seven and nine years old showing signs of behaviour associated with anxiety.

The research took place over a period of 11 weeks; pre- and post-intervention interviews with parents/carers were conducted. Separate pre- and post-intervention interviews were also conducted with individual children. Group play therapy sessions lasted for approximately one hour and used directive and non-directive techniques.

The study used mixed methods methodology including inductive analysis based on a grounded theory approach. Measures used were; the Bravery Scale, the Boxall Profile and Mandala drawings. The Bravery Scale was completed by parents and children, the Mandala drawings by the children and the Boxall Profile was completed by the class teacher.

The findings suggest that Group Play Therapy has a positive impact on behaviour associated with anxiety in seven to nine year old boys. The limitations and possible implication of the findings and possible further research are discussed.