There are two main ways of accessing a play therapist or a practitioner of therapeutic play:

Using an independent PTUK registered play/creative arts therapist

  • Check the availability of PTUK registered therapists – then use the enquiry form at the bottom of the page if you have a problem finding one.
  • Check their PTUK membership card – if in any doubt contact us.
  • Ask the therapist to carry out an assessment, then agree the objectives of the therapy, number of sessions and fees.

You can gain access to a therapist through our register by clicking here.

  1. Using an independent play therapist or practitioner (for which you will have to pay a fee).
  2. Using a therapist whose services are fully or partly funded by local authority children’s, education, social, or health services, a charity or some other agency.

Consult a doctor if the child has a severe mental health problem.