Carolina Critchley

If your child’s behaviour or emotional health are concerning you, and if, like me, you would like to see your child love life and live up to their full potential, then come along with your child; let's embark on this Innerventure together! Hi! My name is Carolina Critchley, and I am fascinated by the way children communicate their feelings, thoughts, troubles and anxieties, and because of this, I am committed to helping children understand more about themselves, their actions and their behaviour, make sense of their experiences, and find ways to live a fulfilled and better future. When you work with me, you will see that even though Play Therapy sessions are confidential to your child, we will be exploring ways that help you understand your child’s behavioural communication, so that you too will feel empowered and able to reconnect with your child and start working towards re-establishing the harmony in your relationship. Because I strive to understand the complex systems around the developing child and respect the uniqueness and evolving needs of each child and their family, I am committed to delivering high-quality Play Therapy Services (including Universal, Targeted and Specialist provisions in schools), by working alongside parents, carers, teachers and other professionals, supervising school staff and fellow therapists, and providing training to all those who wish to learn more about themselves and foster the best possible quality of life for all our children. Anxiety, perfectionism, anger, irritability and aggression are just some of the ways children express their need for support; so what are you waiting for? Send me a message, or alternatively, pop along to and book your discovery call so that together we can start exploring what is most concerning you.

  • Town: Ashford
  • County: Kent
  • Country: United Kingdom

Qualification: Accredited Play Therapist , Trainee Clinical Supervisor

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