PTUK - Equality and Diversity Policy

PTUK is committed to supporting the creation of a fair, inclusive and diverse community where all are free from prejudice and have the support they need to achieve their full potential.

PTUK’s Vision

Our vision for equality, diversity and inclusion goes beyond establishing processes to achieve change. Through interaction with colleagues, members and stakeholders we work to embed these responsibilities in our everyday working practices. This allows us to more effectively embrace the diversity of all our registrants and the clients they serve.

PTUK believes that every person has the right to live a life free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and disadvantage regardless of their age, disability, gender or gender choice, pregnancy and parental responsibilities, race, relationship status, religion or belief and sexual orientation. PTUK appreciates and values the contributions of every registrant, associate and all others who work with PTUK to achieve its vision as befits the largest play therapy organisation in the UK.

To pursue this goal, PTUK constantly questions its attitudes, practices and objectives to ensure that it contests discrimination at every level and on every plane whilst seeking to provide an inclusive environment that offers equality to all.


PTUK always tries to ensure that its actions and decisions are grounded in principles and processes that will drive PTUK towards its vision.

PTUK is working towards the provision of a professional body that attracts and retains a diverse and inclusive community that enriches the common wealth of knowledge and practice that can be harnessed to provide the play therapy that benefits children.

PTUK is constantly asking what it can do better to encourage as varied a population to train and practise as play therapists and is always looking to learn from the best practice of others to ensure that no-one is discouraged from pursuing the goal of training and practising as a play therapist.