Sarah Ray

Qualifications: Accredited Play Therapist and Clinical Supervisor of Play and Creative Arts Therapists. Children can find it difficult to talk about or untangle their strong feelings, making it hard for others to understand what might be behind their outward behaviours. Play and creative arts therapy is a gentle and highly effective way to communicate with children; it uses the different agents of change within play to soothe children’s emotional wounds and help them better understand and manage their emotions. I have a private practice in south Manchester where I see children aged 4 – 14 years for therapy and adults for clinical supervision. I also take freelance contracts with organisations who support children (such as schools and charities). I am passionate and dedicated to all aspects of my work; always looking to support every child I see with a holistic approach. I have considerable experience in complex cases as well as mild and moderate emotional health issues). My practice is theraplay and trauma informed.

Offers: Allowed to work with trainees

  • Town: Manchester
  • County: Manchester
  • Country: United Kingdom

Qualification: Accredited Play Therapist , Certified Supervisor of Play and Creative Arts Therapist

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