May Kai Chi Yeung

I am an Assistant Course Director at APAC, a PTUK and PTI training provider, an Accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist and a Trainee Supervisor, I currently provide One-to-One Play Therapy to children, young people and adults aged 3-80 with a range of emotional and behavioural problems such as attention deficit disorder, speech and language disorders, autism, learning disabilities, family dysfunction to more severe trauma, loss of a family member, sexual abuse, anxiety, depression, self-harm or suicidal behaviour. I also provide Play-Therapeutic Parenting training for teachers and parents in K-12 schools and health and social welfare workers (carers) to help them acquire the basic skills of play therapy so that they can take back control and make clear to children their choices and responsibilities. It also provides carers with a scientific approach to help their children vent their emotions in a healthy way, explore the real needs behind them and finally creatively arrive at solutions to meet their children’s needs. Thus enabling their children to grow up confident, happy and healthy. I also provide corporate training in Neuroscience Leadership for Fortune 500 companies and non-profit organizations such as Johnson & Johnson and Safran Aircraft Engines to promote the co-creation of leader = affective + brainy i.e. recognizing and being emotionally responsive (affective), whilst keeping cognitively aware (brainy) to create success for leaders and their teams. I also provide Social-Emotional Learning training for school and camp teachers and deliver social-emotional learning programs for K-12 students covering self-awareness; social awareness; self-management; creative problem-solving; interpersonal skills; responsible decision-making using my Motion Emotions emotional intelligence and play therapy board game, which won the HKSAR Government BUD Foundation's Quality Educational Toy Award and received a HK$1 million promotion grant.

  • Town: Melbourne
  • County: Victoria
  • Country: Australia

Qualification: Accredited Play Therapist , Trainee Clinical Supervisor

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