Jane Doidge

I am an accredited Play Therapist, Gestalt Counsellor, Counsellor for children and young people, EMDR Therapist and Senior Supervisor. I work in two primary schools offering Play Therapy to children and a secondary school offering Creative Counselling to young people. The rest of my week I work from my home in Dawlish offering face to face and online supervision as well as individual adult creative counselling, and EMDR therapy. All my client work today is based on three main theories intertwined, and yet there are other less dominant approaches that have enriched my practice and continue to do so. Both Carl Rogers ‘Person Centred Approach’ and Fritz Perls ‘Gestalt Therapy’ have been a constant since I first began training. Later when I trained to become a Play Therapist, I became influenced greatly and continue to be by attachment theory. I have recently trained as an EMDR Therapist and have been offering this more specialised trauma-based therapy to individual children, young people, and adults, to help target the disturbing life events that are currently impacting on their quality of life in the present day. Surprisingly, the content of the trauma is often not as disturbing as where the event is actually stored, in short term memory, frozen in time and ready to be ‘highjacked’ by one or more of the senses, bringing disturbing fragments of the trauma into the present moment. The therapy focuses as a priority on safety and what the individual comfortably can manage, ensuring that it is paced by them throughout. The processing itself integrates the fragmented parts, which once done, naturally shifts in its more complete form to long term memory where the event can remain free from the vivid immediacy of emotions and more distant in time and space like other past memories. In some cases the client does not need to remember or even talk about the trauma to get relief from it using this form of therapy.

Offers: Allowed to work with trainees , Offers CYP Supervision , Offers Online Supervision , Offers Play Therapy For Adults

  • Town: Exeter
  • County: Devon
  • Country: United Kingdom

Qualification: Accredited Play Therapist , Certified Play and Creative Arts Counsellor of Children and Young People , Certified Supervisor of Play and Creative Arts Therapists (Senior Status)

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