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Updates to Supervision Requirements

By July 29, 2021No Comments

From September 2021, PTUK expects all trainees to return to face-to-face supervision.

Certified Play Therapists can access Skype Zoom supervision if there are no supervisors available in their area within 1 hour travelling distance.

There are 2 kinds of Approved Supervisors: those that have done APAC’s Postgraduate Certificate and Diploma courses and those who have not. If you are a full member of PTUK and an Approved Supervisor, you can continue supervising trainees.

All other Approved Supervisors can continue to supervise their current trainees until they have reached the end of their Certificate stage. They must not take on any more trainees. Diploma trainees would need to find a certified supervisor.

From September 2021, Approved Supervisors can supervise any new trainees only if a special permission has been granted by Monika Jephcott, CEO.