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As you may be aware the government has provided all Universities with comprehensive guidance on how courses should be delivered during the current lockdown period, which is due for review in mid February.

The Leeds Beckett University and APAC have been in discussion to clarify how the essential face to face elements of your course can continue at this time, taking into consideration the government guidance.

An important element of that guidance is that for courses that rely on professional practice to support the learning and teaching we are able to continue to offer COVID-19 secure environments in which to do so. On the Leeds Beckett University Covid-19 microsite it states:

We will prioritise face-to-face teaching and practical teaching to meet the intended learning outcomes and any requirements of relevant professional, statutory and regulatory bodies (PSRB) if your course includes these elements. This will ensure that your course retains its full professional status.

This applies to your course delivered by APAC, validated by Leeds Beckett University.

Please note the following specific measures agreed by the University and APAC

  • We will permit the duration of your course to extend by a period of 6 months if you commenced prior to September 2020, and for 3 months if you started after September 2020. If individual circumstances require any additional time to complete the course this will be agreed between APAC, LBU and individual students.
  • APAC will contact individual employers to confirm fitness to practice in cases where a job offer is received close to the conclusion of the course and there is supporting information to assure APAC and the Employer that employment can commence with clinical qualification to follow.
  • APAC has shared comprehensive risk assessments for their own course delivery teams as well as the COVID-19 secure risk assessments at venues where face to face delivery will take place. This assures the University that appropriate health and safety considerations have been made and the essential face to face sessions can be undertaken.

Please contact APAC on the following email address should you have any questions: