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Blue Smile is a Cambridge charity which tackles the growing mental health problem among our children by providing therapy and mentoring

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Blue Smile is a Cambridge charity which tackles the growing mental health problem among our children by providing therapy and mentoring. We have delivered a well-regarded service in local partner schools for over 5 years and have expanded this to provide an Outreach Service, which can take on referrals from a wider range of organisations and therefore support more children.

The self-employed Outreach Associate Therapist’s role involves liaising with the school and taking referrals, maintaining a clinical caseload, supporting this with appropriate clinical administration (including outcome measures), meeting with parents/carers, attending supervision, training and CPD, and adhering to Blue Smile’s policies, procedures and Practice Standards in order to ensure the most effective support of children and young people.  Though line-managed by the Outreach Project Leader, and the Outreach Team Manager, the role requires an ability to work independently, while being aware when it is necessary to seek advice and support.

1. Clinical work

The Outreach Associate Therapist attends referral meetings relating to the child they are to support and makes clinical assessments of the most appropriate therapeutic intervention.  They work with parents/carers and teachers to inform this work, ideally arranging twice termly meetings with parents/carers and on a regular basis with teachers.

The role requires the maintenance and storage of accurate and up-to-date records and the preservation of appropriate confidentiality.  (If records need to be transported, this is in hard copy form only in lockable cases.  Any temporary storage outside the office or therapy venue is always under lock and key.)

It is the responsibility of the Outreach Associate Therapist to ensure they fulfil professional supervision requirements and attend Blue Smile supervisions.  They are also expected to take up opportunities for continuing professional development.

The Outreach Associate Therapist abides by BACP’s Ethical Codes of Practice for therapy, by Blue Smile’s policies, procedures and Practice Standards, and by the rules and regulations of the referring organisation.  It is particularly important that they follow Blue Smile child protection procedures assiduously.

2.  Administration work

The Outreach Associate Therapist is required to support their clinical work with appropriate admin, including ensuring consent is in place, comprehensive client files are maintained and adequate casework notes are kept, in line with Blue Smile Practice Standards.

3.   Evaluation work

Monitoring of the work through statistics and feedback is central to Blue Smile’s performance appraisal and funding applications, so the Outreach Associate Therapist completes assessments and outcome measures on their cases to provide this anonymised data to the Project Leader, Outreach Team Manager and Operations manager.

Specifically, it is expected that they will:

·   Make appropriate assessments of children, completing assessment forms and the MCAM

·   Complete SDQS and BSAMs

4.   Team work

The Outreach Associate Therapist works relatively independently in allocated venues, but it is expected that they will liaise closely with the Project Leader, Team Manager and other Blue Smile colleagues to support best practice and that they attend Outreach team meetings as required.

5.   Reporting structure

The Outreach Associate Therapist reports to the Project Leader and Outreach Team Manager.  In consultation with the Project Leader, they also liaise with the agency/school’s senior management and a referred child’s teachers in support of their work with their clients, always maintaining good working relations and communications.

They are responsible for reporting any child protection concerns immediately to the agency’s/school’s designed person for child protection and to the Project Leader, in keeping with Blue Smile’s Child Protection Policy.  They are encouraged to take advice from Blue Smile’s Child Protection Consultant in support of this safeguarding work.

6.   Role flexibility and development

This description is a general outline of the role’s responsibilities and may be amended as reasonable by mutual discussion to support the development of the Blue Smile Outreach Service.  The Outreach Associate Therapist may be required to take on/undertake other reasonable extra duties from time to time, but only by mutual agreement between them and the Project Leader.

If unable to attend the school or agency because of illness or similar, the Outreach Associate Therapist may need to arrange a substitute for some portions of the role, but only as agreed in advance with the Project Leader.

Outreach Associate Therapists have an important role to play in potentially contributing to good practice by offering up ideas and suggestions for development of the Outreach Service.

Person specification

Expected criteria for the role are:

·   current membership of BACP, UKCP or equivalent
·   a professional liability insurance policy
·   a recognised Masters level qualification in counselling or therapy with children and young people (or, occasionally, a lower level qualification backed up by significant relevant direct therapeutic work experience)
·   at least one year’s post-qualification experience as a practising counsellor or therapist with children and young people (or sometimes, if not at this stage, previous extensive direct therapeutic work experience)
·   competency in working within a recognised theoretical framework
·   an understanding of working with vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people
·   knowledge of best practice and an ability to apply this to the role
·   good interpersonal skills and the ability to work as part of a team in work settings, including under  a line manager who may be located at a distance from the therapy venue
·   efficiency in managing clinical administration and paperwork
·   an understanding of equal opportunities and an open approach
·   an ability to operate within Blue Smile’s policies, procedures and Practice Standards
·   a willingness to take up continuing professional development opportunities
·   an ability to keep good and confidential records.

Employment status

Outreach Associate Therapists work on a self-employed basis with reasonable expenses paid (agreed in advance and not including travel expenses to and from the designated therapy venue).


£20 per session for each clinical session, plus £20 for one admin hour per working day. This work to take place mainly during term time and any work during school holidays to be agreed in advance.

Further information is available from Jess Manley, Project Leader, at: – or on 01223 314725.

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