Li Ming Chua (Elaine)

Registered Social Worker, Certified Eye-Movement and Desensitization Therapist, Registered Play Therapist and Supervisor, Sand-Play practitioner (she/her) Elaine is a dedicated and compassionate therapist with over 27 years of experience supporting children and families. Her professional journey began in the social service sector, transitioning through government service, and now thriving in the private sector. Trained as a social worker, Elaine has encountered a diverse range of complex family dynamics, which has driven her to pursue advanced training in Marital and Family Systems Therapy. Throughout her career, Elaine has had the privilege of working closely with families and young clients within the Family and Child Welfare Service at the Ministry of Social and Family Development. This invaluable experience has deepened her respect for families grappling with intergenerational trauma. Elaine's approach to therapy is rooted in empathy and evidence-based techniques. She has seen significant positive outcomes through Trauma-informed Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and caregiver-child work in Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy, tailored to meet the unique needs of each family. Elaine is highly proficient in a variety of therapeutic modalities, including play therapy, sandplay, and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). She has found these approaches to be particularly effective in addressing deep-seated and long-standing trauma, empowering her clients to overcome their past and move forward towards healthier, happier lives. Elaine's true passion lies in her work with foster and adopted children as they navigate their journey through care. Her commitment to their well-being shines through in her every interaction, offering them a safe and supportive space to heal and thrive. With Elaine as your therapist, you can expect a warm and professional ally on your path to emotional wellness and resilience

Offers: Allowed to work with trainees

  • County: Singapore
  • Country: Singapore

Qualification: Approved Supervisor

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