Bernadette Kwok Yee Wong

Bernadette Wong is a psychodynamic trained clinical psychologist. In her days of working at a community church and a children's shelter, she received intensive training to help out as an effective carer. Bernadette possesses in-depth clinical experience working with young children, teenagers and their families. Her focus is on working with such clientele who are experiencing behavioural, emotional or academic difficulties, usually in the presence of sexual abuse, family dysfunction or psychological issues. She assists young people with developmental delays to adapt to new living and learning environments by bringing awareness to their selves and identities. She is passionate in working with the young population who are striving to be a whole person. Bernadette utilizes these believes in her treatment approach in conjunction with DBT and Somatic Experiencing (by Dr. Peter Levin), as well as Emotional Focus Therapy ideologies and Satir Model, to encourage service users to become and aware of develop individual skills and strengths as a mean to reach their potential. She currently taking the creative supervision course with PTUK, to strengthen her supervision skills in non-directive play.

Offers: Allowed to work with trainees

  • Town: Wan Chai
  • County: Hong Kong
  • Country: People's Republic of China

Qualification: Trainee Clinical Supervisor

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