Accredited Supervision Course Details  

Location: Staverton Estate, Daventry Road, NN1 6JT
Dates: 16th - 22nd June 2019

This play therapy course has been clinically accredited by PTUK and PTI.

Certificate in Supervision for Play and Creative Arts Therapists  

Designed For

The course is designed for those who have at least 300 hours experience of working with children or adolescents using play/creative arts therapy as well as experienced, accredited counsellors.

There are now a number of recognised training courses producing Play/Creative Arts Therapists who require clinical supervision.  This course is designed to fill the shortage of suitably trained Supervisors.

The course is at stage 4 of the PTUK four stage training model  


The course is designed to give an in depth knowledge and understanding of general supervision principles and also those specific to the areas in which the course participants practice. eg child and family Centres, schools, hospitals.  The course, which is to a large extent skill based, has been designed over 7 days plus 1 follow-up day. 


  • PTUK/PTI Certificate   


  • Selected from APAC's faculty.   



  • £980  or £880 if payment received by 30th April 2019 (Membership of PTUK/PTI is required to attend this course)


  • Staverton Estate, Daventry Road, NN1 6JT


  • Follow up day : 14th June 2019 (For those who have previously completed the 7 days) - £140 or £120 if payment received by 30th April 2019   
  • Dates: 16th - 22nd June 2019

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