Post Graduate Certificate Training Course - Reasons for Success and Good Value

This is a small selection of many of the kind comments participants have made about the PTUK/APAC Certificate and Diploma courses in the last two years.  


'I would absolutely recommend it. This is a one of a kind course in the world from my research. I believe it is much more effective than training through random workshops.' (Cert 2007)  

'I would recommend the course. I felt it was of a very high standard, definitely at post-graduate level. Good balance of useful experiential exercises and theory. The course really pushed me to draw on all of my experience and consider what my therapeutic aims would be in all of the therapeutic work I do with children.' (Dip 2007)  

'A thorough, intense, amazing learning journey of yourself and of play therapy techniques to add to your skills and knowledge, increasing your understanding. Really valuable to stay in the process and build close supporting friendships with fellow students.' (Dip 2007)  

'It's fantastic - it's the best course I have ever attended. It's been a life changing experience on a personal and career level'. (Cert 2007)  

'The boundary exercises have helped me see myself as a person and the boundaries I have to set myself'. (Cert 2007)  

'I feel that my boundaries are clearer, even though I thought I really had understood them already as a Counsellor.' (Cert 2007)  

'It has really helped me to see that I need to be extra vigilant about boundaries in my professional work - both with children and adults.' (Cert 2007)  

'Activities (movement) were amazing. Every day I am learning/discovering something new about myself'. (Cert 2007)  

'Yes I would certainly recommend the course – it is essential for people working with children to know and understand how children communicate through the power of play. It has been a challenging course which has been both joyful and painful at times. The intensity of the course has helped me to become aware of my personal awareness like no other course.' (Cert 2006)  

'I wasn’t sure what to expect regarding the practical/experiential work. This was really enjoyable and to have most of the course on a practical level was fantastic.' (Cert 2006)  

'I found the day (therapeutic storytelling) challenging but inspirational and I feel I've grown more as a person'. (Cert 2007)  

'I must say I feel so impressed with this aspect (setting up play therapy). As a trainee psychotherapist it has been a constant frustration that we have not been given ideas about the nuts and bolts! Also it gives me focus and a real confidence that I'll be able to make it (job) happen. A dream is being fulfilled.' (Cert 2007)  

'Beyond any words or my imagination. I found it extremely powerful, quite amazing. I think learning how to use sandtrays has opened a whole window of opportunities for my clients.' (Sand module Cert 2007)  

'It will help enormously to have movement 'springboards' to help process emotions'. (Cert 2007)  

'I'm pleased we didn't spend the time doing basic movement/dance activities but stayed focussed on therapeutic applications and tools for analysing/observing movement.' (Cert 2007)  

'How clay, so simple, can reflect so many emotions.' (Cert 2007)  

'Clay was so powerful and facilitated so gently and skilfully. It will make me a safer therapist.' (Cert 2007)  

'A very informative and thought provoking day. (therapeutic storytelling).‘ (Cert 2007)  

'I feel I know how to write (therapeutic) stories now - I'll do this more.' (Cert 2007)  

'So helpful to go through it step by step. (Therapeutic story writing).' (Cert 2007)  

'Brilliant experience. Very enlightening in more ways than one. (Puppets).' (Cert 2007)  

'I am feeling very clear about what I need to put into place to begin working in a therapy service.' (Cert 2007)  

'The Ethical Framework' and principles were very helpful.' (Cert 2007)  

'Activity (sand) was simply amazing'. (Cert 2007)      

Learning methods  

'I feel that I have come away with practical and effective tools for supporting children in need, as opposed to a lot of theory, which cannot be transferred to action' (Cert 2007)  

'I have already recommended this course. My belief is that experiential learning has the capacity for the learner to be able to ground the learning. ' (Cert 2006)  

'I would most definitely recommend this course. It is very condensed with many areas covered in depth. The experiential aspect of the training has meant that the learning has been integrated.' (Dip 2007)  

'The session on the practicalities of setting up an itinerant play therapy service was extremely useful and is congruent with what I currently do so this was affirming. The exercise with wool and the art experience has certainly clarified my boundaries.' (Cert 2007)  

'The ratio of experiential work is of greater value than just theory based courses.' (Dip 2007)  

'Thank you for the wonderful teaching - I have loved the hands-on stuff'. (Cert 2007)  

'I love how Monika says 'come and show me (how the child acts)' and demonstrates rather than having an intellectual discussion.' (Cert 2007)  

'One of the best styles of delivery for child protection that I have heard.' (2007)  

'Great, everyday I'm learning something about myself. Every activity has helped me to see my emotional baggage.' (Cert 2007)  

'I would definitely recommend the course because of its practical content, backup of reading lists, support and its international base and awareness of different cultural needs.' (Dip 2007)  

'Being on the course, especially here in France, has been a very positive experience. I believe this course has given me many tools to work with children adolescents and adults. I believe that these can be integrated in my counselling and psychology skills.' (Dip 2007)  

'The course has been an incredible journey. I believe that those working with children should undertake this course to understand the inner world of the child and the child as a whole being.' (Cert 2007)  

'I would most definitely recommend the course. It has been a fantastic learning experience in a fantastic location.' (La Mouline Cert 2006)  

'I am feeling more confident about defending myself with aggressive children.' (Cert 2007)  

'I enjoyed learning how to match the energy of the angry or shy child - great demonstrations.' (Cert 2007)      

Career Progression Opportunities  

'Any Counsellors working with children should HAVE to do the course. I now feel just talking therapies should not be allowed at primary (school) level. Thank you I will go back a changed Counsellor with many new 'tools' in my box. (Cert 2007)  

'You bet I would (recommend the course). A journey I would not have missed for the world. It has shone a light on what I really want to do.' (Cert 2006)  

'The completion of this training has encouraged me to begin looking into setting up my own practice and marketing myself, as well as continuing my work in schools.' (Dip 2007)  

'I think more Art Therapists who work with children should extend their skills and begin to work with Play Therapists. The environment seems to help balance out the levels of anxiety which can be experienced whilst involved in this training process.' (Cert 2006)  

'Very good day, very informative and useful for my professional development. The career development presentation really clarified and was helpful to arrive at a definitive career move.' (Cert 2007)    

Personal and Career Support  

'As the issues and challenges come up in the work, I've felt supported and relaxed so rather than tensing up I work my way through them.' (Cert 2007)  

'You asked if I would let you know how the presentation went (to a primary school). I am thrilled to say that after only half an hour (I was there over 2 and half hours) they offered me not only the placement but named some of the children they would like me to see! I think they were very impressed with the CD.' (Cert 2007)  

'I think the way you set up the practical holistic aspects of the programme in terms of food, refreshments, environment, support and organisational back up and places to unwind are superb - I have not encountered this level of thought with regard to holistic health in any psychotherapy training. Well done!' (Cert 2006)  

'I would recommend the course as it is so practical and is organised in a way that you can continue with your own job simultaneously.' (Cert 2006)

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