Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People Using Play and Creative Arts

Course Details

The Course for Certified Play Therapists. A 7 Day Conversion course for all certified play therapists to be able to extend their skills.

We all know that young children do not often use talking as a way to resolve their issues, but as they grow older this changes. This course is designed for Certified or Accredited Play Therapists who wish to extend their skills to use talking therapy with children and young persons as well as creative arts media.

On the course programme you will learn how to:

  • Communicate effectively using listening, reflecting, empathy, attending, observing, paraphrasing, summarising skills with children and young people in the therapeutic relationship.
  • Have a better understanding of transference and counter transference as it arises in the therapeutic relationship and how to respond effectively.
  • Identify the ways in which children and young people manage and process their emotions, including the ability to recognise situations where they are finding it difficult to access these.
  • Help the child or young person to find appropriate words to describe their emotions.
  • Help the child or young person to verbalise the key concerns, meanings and memories which emerge out of emotional arousal.
  • Help the child or young person identify and verbalise the wishes, needs, behaviours and goals associated with feelings and emotions.
  • Integrate the use of therapeutic creative arts media (from your Play Therapy experience) directively with talking therapy skills.
  • The course will help you increase your self-awareness and understand how this can help or hinder the therapeutic relationship. Qualification Assessment.

In order to gain the qualification of Counsellor of children and young people using play and creative arts students are required to complete:

  • A case study
  • A reflective statement
  • A book review
  • A process diary
  • 50 clinical hours showing how they have integrated their new skills
  • Attend a 1 day follow up where your case study will be presented

Facilitator: Susan Atkins
Susan has over 35 years experience of working with children and families in a variety of settings. For the last fifteen years she has provided Play Therapy within primary schools and more recently has a private practice working with adults.

Susan is an Accredited Play Therapist and counsellor, Senior Supervisor and trainer for APAC. 

Location & Duration
The Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People course for existing PTUK/PTIRL Members will be held over seven days, plus one day follow up approximately one year later. The course days run from 09.00 – 17.00

Counsellor of Children and Young People using play and creative Arts.


  • Staverton Estate, Daventry Road, NN1 6JT
  • Ireland – Please go to the PTIreland site where details about the CCYP courses being held in Ireland can be found.


  • Selected from APAC's faculty


  • APAC


  • UK - £980 or £880 if payment received by 30th April 2019 (Membership of PTUK/PTI is required to attend this course)
  • Follow Up Day to be arranged (for those who have previously completed the 7 days): UK - £140 or £120 if payment received by 30th April 2019

Further details and an application form can be obtained from contact@apac.org.uk or call 01825 761143.  


  • 16th - 22th June 2019
  • Follow up day : 14th June (For those who have previously completed the 7 days)