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Overview - Training is divided into courses for therapeutic play and play therapy training accredited by Play Therapy UK (PTUK) and other courses.

12 Reasons for Choosing a PTUK/APAC Course - Twelve good reasons why the PTUK/APAC play therapy courses are so successful and are the best value.

Importance of Accredited Courses - Courses listed here have all been accredited by PTUK and meet the requirements of the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists, which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

Introductory Courses - Our introductory courses have been designed For anyone interested in using play therapy or developing their skills in working with children.

Certificate in Therapeutic Play Skills - Successful completion of this course provides the title 'Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills' on the PTUK register of Play and Creative Arts.

Diploma in Play Therapy - This play therapy course has been clinically accredited by PTUK, PTI. Successful completion of the course and the required clinical hours leads to registration as a Certified Play Therapist on the PTUK register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists, accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

MA in Practice Based Play Therapy - This stage enables Diploma in Play Therapy graduates to take a further step forward, often through increased remuneration and career level.  It adds to their professional credibility, already established by sound clinical practice, a deeper understanding of the informing and theoretical principles and research methods of the play therapy profession. It provides another competitive edge when applying for jobs.

The course has been clinically accredited by PTUK, PTI . The programme at Masters level is validated for academic standards by the Leeds Beckett University as the third (optional) stage of the MA in Play Therapy programme run in a collaborative partnership with APAC.

Advanced Diploma in Counselling of Children and Young People Using Creative Arts - This course is designed for all Counsellors or professionals on an AR register who want to work with Children and Young People and who have prior training in working in Counselling / Psychotherapy with adults and who want the title of Certified Play and Creative Arts Counsellor for CYP.

Filial Play Coaching & Mentoring - This NEW filial play coaching course has been clinically accredited by PTUK and PTI. It is based on PTUK standards and latest policy which replaces filial play training and practice as the approved method of working with parents and children together.

Practitioner in Therapeutic Sandplay Skills - Become an accredited Practitioner in Therapeutic Sandplay Skills by means of a two stage programme that covers the two major approaches to sandplay therapy: Jungian and Kalffian - a blended learning programme that integrates theory, experiential work and practice.

Certificate in Counselling Children and Young People - The Course for Certified Play Therapists. A 7 Day Conversion course for all certified play therapists to be able to extend their skills.

PQ Story Play® Level 1 & 2 - This 7-day course will be for PTUK/PTI Certified Play Therapists Along with the seven-day workshop, there will be on-line assignments for participants to complete.

Accredited Summer School - Our Summer School is intended to meet the needs of those who cannot find time during the year to undertake a long term course but would like to obtain a recognised and accredited qualification in the field of play therapy through intensive training.

Clinical Supervision - The course is designed for those who have at least 300 hours experience of working with children or adolescents using play/creative arts therapy as well as experienced, accredited counsellors.

Play Therapy Trainers - The rapid growth of play therapy and filial play worldwide is to a large extent constrained by the lack of qualified trainers. APAC, a sister organisation of PTUK, provides free training for suitably experienced Members to become Certified Trainers and Course Directors.

Training Venues UK & Ireland - View our training courses at any of these locations in the UK.


Training Venues Overseas - View our training courses at any of these locations overseas.



Acredited Training Providers - APAC offers both public courses run at the venues around the UK and in-house programmes designed to meet the specific needs of organisations such as schools, care homes, counselling services, heath centres and social services.

Other Courses - Courses listed in this section have been assessed by PTUK as ones likely to be of interest to play and creative arts therapists and to be of a very good standard.

Conferences & Events - Play Therapy Conference

Placement Standards & Opportunities - Clinical placements are an essential part of training in therapeutic play skills and play therapy.

CPD Courses - The following courses and workshops have been, or are in the process of being, accredited by Play Therapy UK (PTUK) for CPD points for qualified Registrants and Members. They are designed to enable experienced practitioners to enhance their skills in specialist areas, not to enable participants to become a 'Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills' or a 'Certified Play Therapist'.

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