Book Review  

Therapeutic Storywriting

Trisha Waters

ISBN 1 84312 116 6

David Fulton Publishers  

Reviewed by the Editor of 'Play for Life' April 2006  

Trisha Waters is a lecturer in Educational Counselling and Therapeutic teaching. She has worked as a SENCO and class teacher in both special and mainstream schools; and is also a trained psychosynthesis therapist.    

Play Therapists normally use therapeutic storytelling on a one-to-one basis. Interactive storytelling is also used, often in groups. We know that writing and drawing can be valuable therapeutic outlets. So a book combining all of these elements has a great deal of promise. There is an increasing amount of interest in improving emotional literacy in schools. This is to be applauded but it is attracting a variety of approaches some of which are therapeutically sound others are not. Hence an extended review to consider not only the content of the book but the wider issues that are raised.

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