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Introductory Articles

Play Therapy Practice

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An Introduction to Play Therapy

Dr Mark Barnes is one of the world's leading practitioners and teachers of play therapy. He co-founded the Canadian Play Therapy Association in 1985 which lead to the creation of Play Therapy International and the International Board of Examiners of Certified Play Therapists (IEBCPT) in 1995/6 and set the first standards for play therapy in 1986.   He is the author of many papers and books including & The Healing Path With Children (ISBN 1-896702-00-7) an essential text for any trainee play therapist.  

Indications for Referral  

Shlomo Ariel PhD is a clinical psychologist and supervisor of clinical psychology and marital and family therapy in Israel. This short article is a very useful guide for parents, carers and other lay persons who may be worried about a child's emotional condition and the desirability of referral for play therapy.  

Empiricism and Play Therapy

This is the full version of an essay written by Sharlene Weitzman as an assignment in her Morita Programme studies. An abridged version was published in the Summer 2003 issue of Play for Life.   It highlights the need to balance the use of technology to gather quantitative evidence with the need to preserve a humane approach in play therapy.

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